Welcome to Gilded Cage Cosmetics

Gilded Cage is built around a single idea; singular beauty. Nothing is more beautiful than you are.

Our cosmetics are 100% cruelty free and have never been tested on animals. We banned toxic ingredients like parabens, D5 and Talc. Unleashed Lipstick and Revelation Eyeshadow are formulated without fragrance which is known to cause higher levels of irritation and the fragrance in our Charisma Lipgloss is IFRA certified! Highlighters by Gilded Cage go even further and are free from silicon, fragrance, Talc, D5 and parabens and represent the perfect balance between natural ingredients and powerful technology so you can look and feel confident in our colours and embrace what makes you unique.

As an Australian brand, we remain committed to bringing you luxury Made in Italy cosmetics at an affordable price without all the nasty ingredients that don't need to be in your makeup! At Gilded Cage it really is that simple, colour without compromise.