Our philosophy at Gilded Cage is built around a single idea, Singular Beauty. That nothing is more beautiful than you are. Every woman is beautiful because she is unique and we feel this is worth protecting, celebrating and highlighting. We believe that beauty should be inspirational, but it can be honest at the same time.

That’s why Rhys Williams founded and named our brand Gilded Cage.

Gilded Cage is the place where you protect the most precious things that you have. In a beauty context it is really is what’s inside that counts. All the things that make you YOU, and that set you apart as distinctive from everyone else.

We would encourage women to highlight their beauty far away from stereotypes, to focus on what makes you happy. We really believe that no brand, no celebrity is really any more or any less beautiful than you are. You are beautiful because of who you are, your soul. That’s what makes you a Singular Beauty.

Besides, let’s face it. Women are already under enough pressure that the added pressure of being told how to be beautiful. We are so against the idea that to be beautiful you need to flawless.

"You are beautiful because you are yourself"